Alumni Association

The Alumni Association of CMS College of Science & Commerce was established in 2000 with an aim to promote interaction and net working among the Alumni of the institution. It has been successfully carrying out its goals and objectives since its inception and has steadily risen into a full-fledged association. It has been consistently taking efforts to implement its activities and is successful in all its endeavors.

Structure And Management Of The Association

The association is governed by an Executive Committee that consists of a President, Vice-Presidents, Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer and other members .The Governing Body, which is responsible for implementing and accomplishing the objectives of the association, conducts election for every two years to elect its office bearers.

Objectives Of The Association
  • To build a strong Alumni Network amongst the Alumni Community and maintain an Alumni Database.
  • To create common interest groups and provide a platform for the interaction amongst the Alumni of the college.
  • To inform the Alumni about the ongoing and future activities.
  • To organize reunions with the help of the Alumni association.
  • To organize meetings and discussions for the improvement of education, research & entrepreneurship and present students can get useful career guidance from the Alumni.
  • To undertake any other activities that may assist the college in fulfilling its objectives.
Rules and Regulations of The Association
  • The Association shall be named as & Alumni Association of C M S College of Science and Commerce, Coimbatore &
  • The head office of the Association shall be at C M S College of Science and Commerce, Chinnavedampatti, Coimbatore-49.
  • The Business hours of the Association shall correspond to the working hours of the College
  • Membership of the association shall be open to Students who have pursued their Under graduate or Post graduate, M.Phil or Ph.D and received/awarded degree as a regular student of the college.
  • The jurisdiction of the Association shall be throughout the world.
  • The association shall have powers to enroll members, constitute committees, sub-committees and call for periodical meetings to achieve the objectives.
Benefits of The Association

CMS CSC Alumni Association benefits the alumni, the institution, and the students who currently pursue their studies in the college in many ways.

  1. The Alumni association helps the Alumni connect with their batch mates and to plan event namely reunions and other social events.
  2. It helps the Alumni to get updates from their college.
  3. It enables them to communicate with the faculty of their institution.
  4. It facilitates them to find their college mates across the world.
  5. It also provides opportunities for professional growth and social interaction.

The Alumni association also benefits the CMS CSC in following ways

  1. It creates Brand Recognition for the institution.
  2. Placements are organised with the help of the Alumni which help the present students.
  3. Sharing photos and videos keeps the Alumni remember their Alma Mater with nostalgic fervor and gratitude.
  4. The Alumni Association helps the college to generate additional income with the help of which the institution can help the needy students.
  5. The alumni shall also serve as the ambassador of the college and shall enhance the goodwill of the institution.
  6. Career guidance is given to the present students by the Alumni.

Cms Alumni Association In 2011

In the year 2011, the scope of Alumni Association is widened with the establishment of chapters on the model of international organisations both within and outside India. The perspective plan is to formalize and install 200 chapters covering the globe. Any city having 20 or more Alumnus of CMS may organise a chapter and become a part of association through its network. The objectives, rules and regulations of the Chapters shall be generally the same as the parent organization. The installation of the chapters has reaped immense benefits as it enables its members to involve themselves with zeal in the activities of the college. Moreover, it facilitates social and career networking activities among them by holding special events and co-hosting activities with other alumni groups. An official email id is created which serves as a forum to involve the alumni to air their feedbacks, opinions and observations. Presently CMS CSC has established the following chapters with members touching more than 1050.

Names of the chapters


The Nilgiris


New Jersey


  • Dr.N.Jisha
  • Assistant Professor
  • School of Commerce.
  • Phone: 0422-6534004, 2667158
  • E mail:

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