About the Department

The Department of Civil Engineering was established in the year 2009 with the objective of imparting quality education in the field of Civil Engineering. The department has all the amenities to provide necessary strengths to enable the students to innovate and become entrepreneurs to serve the community. The department creates an ideal environment for learning, research and consultancy activities of internationally accepted standards in the field of Civil Engineering.

The Department has dedicated, well qualified and experienced faculty members in the various specialized areas such as Structural, Environmental, Geotechnical, Remote sensing and GIS, Water recourses etc. The faculty members contribute to academic development by publishing books and presenting papers in international/national conferences. The department has well equipped laboratories with state-of-art facilities.

In order to provide practical knowledge to the student’s industrial visits are arranged regularly. Special classes are conducted to improve their academic performance. The resource persons are invited to conduct special/guest lectures/seminars about the latest trends in Civil Engineering. Civil Engineering software courses and Workshops are conducted to develop the skills of the students. Parents-teachers meetings and ward meetings are arranged in order to counsel to the students. Placement offers are being provided every year to our students by leading Civil Engineering industries.



To be an outstanding department devoted to provide high end research, technical education in Civil engineering which will produce socially aware professionals to provide solutions to global community.


To provide curriculum based on changing needs of stakeholders & provide excellence in delivery & assessment to ensure holistic development of civil engineering students. To enhance research & consultancy resulting in solving problems related to civil engineering infrastructure as well as society at large.


1. To provide good skill in mathematics, science, engineering fundamentals for a successful career in the field of Civil Engineering.

2. To build the knowledge in planning, analyzing, designing the structure in efficient manner.

3. To provide awareness on lifelong learning and ethics in professional activities.

4. To enable graduates to be able to communicate effectively and build the leadership qualities and teamwork for the efficient and flawless Civil Engineering process.

5. To enable graduates to become successful Civil Engineers in order to satisfy the needs of the society in the field of Civil Engineering.


  At the end of the programme the students will have

PO 1:To apply the fundamental knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering principles to solve the problems in the field.

PO 2:To identify, formulae and rectify Civil Engineering problems in the field.

PO 3: To design and conduct experiments as well as to analyse and interpret data.

PO 4:To conduct investigation, analysis, research methods including design of experiments and synthesis of information to provide better conclusion.

PO 5:To use the modern Civil Engineering tools, techniques, skills for engineering practice.

PO 6:To design a safe system, component, or process as per the needs and specifications to meet designed goals considering environmental, social and ethical aspects.

PO 7:To observe the impact of engineering solutions on the society and utilize the knowledge for sustained development.

PO 8:To understand professional and ethical responsibility.

PO 9:To form teamwork and function on multidisciplinary teams.

PO 10:To deliver effective verbal, written and graphical communication.

PO 11:To perform economic analysis, resource management and enhance research through engineering and management principles.

PO 12:To recognize the need of to engage the life-long learning.




Total Station,Theodolites ,Plane Tables,Planimeter,Dumpy level,Tilting level,Subtense bar,Pocket Stereoscope,Prismatic compass



Compression testing machine (2000KN) , Slump test apparutus , Compaction factor apparatus , Vee Bee consistometer , Flexural Testing Machine (100 KN) , Bitumen Penetrometer , Ductility testing apparatus , Standard Tar Viscometer , Coarse test sieves (300 mm dia) , Brass test sieves (200 mm dia) , Flakiness and elongation thickness gauge , Flakiness and elongation length gauge , Aggregate crushing value apparatus , Aggregate impact testing apparatus , Los angels Abrasion testing machine , Digital weighing platform balance , Vibrating machine , Weighing balance , Blain’s Apparatus , Cube Moulds(15x15x15cm) , CBR -Apparatus , Flow Table , Cylindrical Mould(15x30cm) , Steel prism mould(10x10x50cm) , Electrically operated concrete mixer – 1 HP motor single phaseCompression



Hot Air Oven , Digital Balance , Thermometer , Counter weighing balance pan type-5Kg capacity , Counter weighing balance pan type-10Kg capacity , Steel buckets (5ltr capacity) , GI Tray , Iron pan , Trowel , China clay dish , S.S Tongues , Tamping rod , TATA crow bar , Spade , Hydrometer , Hydrometer Jar , Test Sieves-8”dia , Fine sieves- 8”dia , Test Sieves-12”dia , Pyconometer , Core cutter with dolly & rammer , Sand pouring cylinder , Consolidation apparatus-three gang , Permeability apparatus , Direct shear apparatus , Unconfined Compression Testing Machine , Motorized Sieve shaker , Liquid Limit Apparatus , Plastic Limit Apparatus , Shrinkage Limit Apparatus , Proctor Compaction Apparatus , Relative Density Apparatus , Triaxial setup





Meta Centric Height Apparatus , Venturimeter Test Rig , Orifice Meter Test Rig , Francis Turbine Test Rig , Pelton Wheel Test Rig , Kaplan Turbine Test Rig , Different Pumps Test Rigs. , Bernoullis apparatus




pH Meter , Turbidity Meter , Conductivity meter , Refrigerator , BOD incubator , Muffle Furnace , Hot air oven , Magnetic stirrer with hot plates , Desiccators , Jar test apparatus , Water bath , Furniture , Glass wares / Crucibles , Chemicals , COD apparatus , Kjeldane apparatus , Heating mantles , Calorimeter , Chlorine comparator , Furniture : Work table , Beaker , Standard flask , Burette with stand , Pipette , Crucible , Filtration assembly , Chemicals





Electronic Universal Testing Machine(40ton capacity) , Brinel Hardness testing machine (3000J capacity) , Spring testing machine , Torsion testing machine (60Nm capacity) , Rockwell Hardness testing machine , Beam deflection test apparatus , Extensometer , Compressometer , Dial gauge , Le chatliers apparatus , Vicat’s apparatus , Shear attachment , Mechanical extensometer , Impact testing machine , Al Micro Binocular metallurgical microscope , Muffle Furnace (4 x4 x9 m) , Mortar cube mould


                                                          STUDENT ACHIEVEMENTS:

                                                      ANNA UNIVERSITY RANK HOLDERS LIST

Sl no Name of the student CGPA State level rank out of 50
2009-13 ( FIRST BATCH)


9.04 22


8.97 29
2010-14 ( SECOND BATCH)


8.91 15


8.73 29



8.92 16


8.62 44

Faculty Team


Dr. M. Veerapathran, M.E.(Ph.D.)
Associate Professor & HOD


Mrs. S. Sruthi, M.E.(Ph.D.)
Assistant Professor


Ms. T. Kiruthika, M.E.
Assistant Professor

Mrs. K. Sunitha,M.E.
Assistant Professor


Mrs. S. Jeevitha, M.E.
Assistant Professor


Mrs. T. Vasantha Priya, M.E.
Assistant Professor