Department of
Social Work

Social Work is a professional course which utilizes the theories of human behavior in empowering and enhancing the well-being of people. It consists of organized and systematic methods to obtain higher satisfatcion for individuals alone or in groups. Social work addresses the needs and problems at personal, family, neighbourhood, national and international level.

Social Work has gained global significance since it is applied in various fields and the people across the world are the beneficiaries of its services. Social Worker contributes to formulate social policies and programmes which ulitimately results in the development of nation. Social work minimizes the pressures linked with social problems and provides programmes for developing community at the local level through social work skills. The most important contribution of social work perhaps is the consideration it gives to the human and social sides of development.

The Department of Social Work was started in the year 2002. We offer two years Postgraduate course. The Students are offered the following specializations.

    • Human Resource Management (HRM)
    • Medical & Psychiatry (M&P)
    • Community Development (CD)
1 %

As an integral part of Social Work programme, Field Work for two days a week is mandatory. It enables the students to acquire practical skills in working with people belonging to various social settings by applying theoretical knowledge.

The unique features of the department are Social Lab, Computer Lab and Audio-visual room. In Social Lab, the students are being taught to apply the skills in the field by practicing Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA), Street Theatre, Low Cost Communication tools (puppetry, flash card, flip chart, collage) etc. It helps the students equip themselves to conduct social awareness programmes that are related to Gender Equity, Human Values, Professional Ethics, Skill Development, Health, UN Days, Education, Culture, Child Rights, Differently Abled, Substance Abuse, Swachh Bharat……..

Apart from these, the students are given training in various avenues contributing to Holistic Development of the individual.


MSW. (Master of Social Work)

Eligibility is a pass in any Degree


    • Syllabus
    • Field Work
    • Rural Camp
    • Summer Placement & Block Placement (Pre Employment Training) – is a compulsory one and is intended to give the student an opportunity to work as a full time trainee in a selected organization in his/her field of specialization so as to learn the day-to-day role and tasks of a full time social worker for a period of four weeks after the Even semester’s Examination.
    • Project
    • Social Lab
    • Memorandum of Understanding – MoU

Curriculum Enrichment

    • Value Added Program – VAP – Suicide Prevention
    • Extra Disciplinary Course – Indian Society and Human Dynamics
    • Extension Activities
    • Tribal Camp
    • Industrial Visit
    • Online Courses
    • Swayam
    • Swachh Bharat

Faculty Profile

Ms. M. Sree Sujathaa

M.A., M.Phil.

Head, Department of Social Work.

Faculty Name Designation Contact
Ms.M.Sree Sujathaa M.A., M.Phil. Head of the Department
Ms. A. Jayapadma M.A., PGDPM & IR., M.Phil ., NET Asst.Professor
Mrs. R. Kumudha M.A., M.Phil., PGDPM & IR, NET Asst.Professor


Social Work Department is actively observing UN adopted days like Mental Health Day, Elders day, Human Rights Day, Environment Day, AIDS Day, Disabled Day etc at various institutions like NGO’s, Hospitals, Industries, etc.

Students are motivated to participate in various workshops, symposia, seminars, conferences and present papers and to take part in intercollegiate competitions.


Extension Activities
Awareness programmes through various modes like street play, puppetry, danglers, flip charts, flash cards, wealth out of waste, mimes and dramas  are organised in Urban / Rural / Tribal community on current social issues and within the college also.

Computer Lab
The Department has an exclusive Computer lab with an internet facility to meet the educational needs of the students.

Career Prospects

Governmental Sector Non-Governmental Sector Industry
Assistant Professor/Professor Consultant Manager – HR
Director Probation Officer Manager – Personnel
Research Officer/Researcher Psychiatric Social Worker Manager – Welfare
Welfare/Development Officer (like Child/Youth/Women/Labour etc.) School Social Worker Executive Trainee
Community Development Officer Sociologist Labor Welfare Officer
Jail Probationary/Welfare Officer Vocational Rehabilitation Personnel Officer
Juvenile Justice Board Counselor etc. Administrative Officer
Child Welfare Board Area Manager Labour Officer
Urban Planners etc Fund Raiser PF Officer
Project Co- ordinator Social Worker Probationary/Welfare Officer
Labour Officer Supervisor
PF Officer Resource Mobilizer
Training Coordinator
Development Professional